Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maybe Jacob Isn't So Great After All

After reflecting on this week's episode "The Lighthouse," I got to thinking that maybe Jacob isn't the bang-up spirit guy that we all want him to be.
I came to this conclusion based off of the alternative reality storylines that we have been shown all this season. In each of these stories, each character seems to be at peace with their greatest worry/flaw/etc.

Alternative Reality
Boone= not obsessed with his sister
Claire= baby is NOT raised by another
Hurley= fine with his money and his fortune in life
Locke= realizes what he can and cant do
Rose= happy with Bernard and okay with her Cancer diagnosis

And finally, as we saw in this episode, Jack has the chance to not repeat the same mistakes that his father made. In last nights episode, we saw Jack in his alternative universe dealing with his father's death in a rational, sober, and mature way- even calming down his mother. And this time he has a kid!

What really struck me about this alternative Jack is that he has the opportunity to have open supportive and loving relationship with his son (like he DID NOT have with his father). He takes this opportunity and he succeeds!

Like Jack, in this alternative reality, each character is at peace with their flaws. So, to me that puts Jacob in a bad spot, as he has ripped each person off their proper path for his own self-interest! (I am assuming this is to take over his role on the island). And, for as much as I love Jacob (and for some reason think hes a sex pot), I'm a lot less willing to get his back now. Look at what hes done to the lives of all of these people.

p.s. the episode where Jack first search for his father on the island (really searching for his love) was called "the white rabbit" and in this episode when jack goes to his wife's house to find his son, he gets the key from under a statue of a white rabbit.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Power Hour

June 30, 2009
Final 'Lost' season gains an hour

Ben We all know that on ABC's "Lost," time is extremely relative.

So why not throw an extra hour into the mix?

The sixth and final season will run 18 hours, an hour longer than originally announced. This isn't exactly earth-shattering news, granted, but for "Lost" fans heading into the final lap, every minute counts.

Though the reason for the extra time hasn't been confirmed, one insider said that the producers felt they had some extra story to tell in the final season. "Lost" starts shooting later this summer.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life Imitates Art

This is too amazing for words! But this blogger did a pretty good job of writing some.

Im still giggling!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finale- Lost and Found Items

1. Sawyers Pen ran out of ink. I hate it when that happens
2. Nadia lost her life. Horredously upsetting. Sayids life is a plague of loss, torture and genearal badassness.
3. Eloise lost consciousness in the underground tunnels. I guess this makes sense. oh wait it totally doesn't.... if they blow up the whole island, they blow up the whole island. everyone goes.
4. Found Items- Rose and Bernard. So, everyone really liked this scene... they really missed this great couple blah blah blah. I didnt like it at all... I thought it was sloppily included and stupid. nothing to contribute.
5. Found Item- Vincent
6. Found Item- Drive Shaft ring... this ring seems cursed to me.
7. Juliet lost her chance at happiness. heartbreaking.
8. Lots of Dharma workers lost their lives.. Including Chang!
9. Juliet loses her life! Maybe!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And he's funny

Back to the Future

Dear People from the Future aka People on E.S.T-

I put up with it this season... but next season if I get any texts, facebook updates, g-chat messages, or hand written letters before I see LOST on PST next year...I will be pissed!
There is only a two hour window between when LOST is over for you and for when it starts for us.
In those hours... here is a list of alternative things that you could be doing other than ruining MY LIFE:
1. sleeping (always a good choice)
2. drinking... I mean its Wednesday... there has to be a happy hour somewhere.
3. eating (nough said)
4. Watching a 2 hour movie
5. running a half marathon
6. going out to dinner
7. taking the subway to coney island and back
8. anything else... I mean I dont even need to keep listing things... Think about something you'd like to do other than ruin LOST for your West Coast friends.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Follow the Leader

I did not like this episode. Nothing happened except for the fact that a bunch of really good looking people ran around in the forest and said some stuff to each other. Some got smacked in the face and other swam in a pond. Sounds really thrilling doesn't it?
Also, I did not like Kate even more than usual. I think the writers on this show are like...whats the most stupid thing this woman can say/ do and then they're like... uhhh not stupid enough... we need something even worse. And then whatever they come up with is what comes out of her mouth.
So here are some things that were lost:
1. Sense of reason. So, we are missing some details about what exactly everyone is actually doing on the island and how much they know. But, it amazes me that the others and the dharma people are so willing to just believe people when they tell them they are from the future. I am going to start going around telling people I am from the future and oh, I dunno... start a career as a trend expert. It seems really easy so yeah, I'm gonna do that.
2. Locke lost that va jay jay he was carrying around for so long and actually grew a pair. I love the suit look on him! It really works!
3. I really lost my patience with this kate-jack- juliet- sawyer thing. Just decide already.
4. Juliet and Sawyer lost some blood on their faces, oh so did Jack. There was a lot of face smacking in this episode.
5. Hurley lost track of who the president was. To be perfecty frank with you- I probably wouldn't know who the US president then was too. But, wouldnt you want to learn- like quick?
6. Kate almost lost her life... but oh, wait Erik did instead. (YEEAHH SAYID... YEAHHH BOYYYEE!!!) This is just another example of how stupid Kate is and how freaking awesome Sayid is.

Some other comments...
-So, we finally know that that the cast members in 1977 die. That s a bummer, but we now know that Jack has to blow up that bomb....
-I thought Sawyer's comment about buying Microsoft was particularly funny. I probably would do that and I would write Harry Potter.
-The scene with Miles looking at his father sending off him and his mother was particularly touching to me. So many times it would be nice to step out of yourself and see why certain things happened.